Hi, I'm Nicola

and I am the main pixie here at The Web Pixie HQ where we create logos and web designs for small businesses.

I want to help sprinkle a little bit of pixie dust onto your business’s online presence so that you can bring a little magic, joy and whimsy to enchant your customers.

But most importantly  I want to give you a hassle-free website that grows your business.

When you are first starting your business, the thought of ‘building a website’ is overwhelming and confusing. It seems to be full of technical jargon aimed at scaring off all but the foolhardy (for that read, “have a lot of time to spare while they go on that steep learning curve”).

I am passionate to show that web design doesn’t need to be that way, and you can create a website you are proud of with just a little hand-holding.a

Experience our quick and easy design process.

When creating a logo and web design for small business, I aim to simplify the technical jargon so that you can get an understanding of:

  • what you need,
  • what you have time to do for yourself,
  • what your limits are and
  • what you want to outsource.

Your website should not be something to be scared of, but something to embrace so you can capture your customer’s imagination, and of course, make you more money!

And I would love to be part of that journey with you.

What’s my story?

I have spent the last 30 years in software development, working for big corporate blue-chip companies and small startups, developing their customer management and help desk systems.

Working with smaller companies was always much more fun and rewarding. It felt like I was making a difference rather than just being another cog in the wheel.

So instead of soulless organisations, I want to help small business owners. The people who haven’t got the big budget to spend on a flashy website or don’t have the time to waste on endless meetings, but who still desire something extraordinary and are passionate about what they are doing.

woman at computer for small business web design

Why work with us for your logo and web design?

When I started my first business, I had one overriding criteria; it had to cost as little as possible to get up and running as I didn’t want to waste too much money on something that might not work.

After building my first website, somehow I was suddenly the expert to my friends and family and was often asked to build their websites for them.  Naturally, this grew my skills, and I realised I enjoyed it, from the technical challenges to the creative side, to working with the business.

Working on these websites has also helped me understand what is needed for small businesses to get up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I believe every business is different and has different requirements. I enjoy keeping web creation personal, so I can focus on each customer and provide what they need; no offshoring, no speaking to different people every time you call. It’s just me at the moment, so I know and understand your journey.

I have been where you are but had the luck of having some technical skills to build a website.

I recognise that a website is more than just a corner of the internet. It is YOUR corner of the internet, and it has to reflect what you do, value and aspire to.

Small Business Logo & Web Design Shropshire

What magic does The Web Pixie bring to the party?

I hate to see people pay over the odds for poorly implemented, generic websites, all because they didn’t understand what was possible for the same effort.

Businesses working with me will get someone who cares about their business and brand and is passionate about making their websites reflect their brand personality.

I use simple, guided processes and templates to help the decision making more manageable and fun so that you can understand and visualise what you are getting during the whole process.

Even though The Web Pixie is a logo and web design agency based in Shropshire, we are happy to work with you wherever you are based. 

Here’s how our logo and web design for small business process works:

book a chat to for website design

1. Book a chat

We’ll find out what you need from us and when and we will tell you the cost and what web design package will work best.

logo and web design for small business wrexham, chester, oswestry, shropshire

2. Provide your content

Use our simple Content Planner to gather the text, photos and other materials we will need to complete your project.

small business logo and web design wrexham oswestry ellesmere shropshire

3. Website build

You review the website build and request changes. We’ll launch your website when you give us the green light.

We can also assist you with a preliminary website audit to see how well your website is currently performing and have website care plans available to help keep your website updated and secure.

Our mission is to help you succeed at doing what you love.

Are you missing out on all of the people searching Google right now, looking for a company with your expertise? People who can’t do business with you because you haven’t yet got an online presence.

Creating a website does not need to be scary. You don’t need to be a design or tech expert to create a great website that grows your business.

All you need is a clear message you want to deliver to your customer that tells them what you do and what they need to do to work with you.

We know countless business owners need a professional website but don’t have expert help. The results are a painful web design process, an ineffective website, and a loss of confidence of ever reaching your goals.

The Web Pixie was created so you can enjoy the design process and finally get a website that makes you proud.

We are based near Ellesmere Shropshire; however, we are happy to work with you wherever you are based.

Let us help you to shine. 

Why work with The Web Pixie?

Whilst we treat every customer individually based on their needs, here are just some of the benefits every customer gets:

No Jargon

You don’t need to worry about knowing all the techie stuff. I’ll keep things simple and clear, this is a jargon free zone.

No Hidden Costs

Being upfront about pricing is important to me, just like it is to you. You’ll know what you need to pay from the onset. There are no hidden fees.

You Are Important

I want you to succeed. Therefore, I will always do my best to create a design a website you love and share all my knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


I’ve been in the IT business for 30+ years, designing and developing systems for small businesses and large corporates, so I understand what you need.